Friday, May 1, 2009

Until Monday May 4th we are Giving Away... (PRIZE CLAIMED)

Over $1500 Worth of Photography Packages in Six Different States

Out of all of the products we feature here on Give Away Today, I feel like the photography packages are the most important and long-lasting. This is one reason I am so pleased to feature a different photographer each Friday on Give Away Today. The photographers we feature are offering you a product that will show generations to come a little bit about you, your family, your time, your place, and your personality. If you put off getting family photographs, before you know it your little ones have grown or your family has changed and you’ve missed the opportunity to capture them as they once were.

One of my parent’s best friends passed away unexpectedly last October. Two weeks before he died, his family had family pictures taken, something they had not for years. They were so grateful they had not put off getting pictures taken even by a couple of weeks. Now his children and grandchildren not only have great memories of the day they were photographed together, but they also have beautiful images of their father and grandfather which will last a lifetime.
Wouldn’t it be great if you and your siblings put your money together to buy your mom a photography package for Mother’s Day? Or if you received this wonderful gift for Mother’s Day? If you are considering getting family pictures, please contact any of our brilliant photographers. Almost all of them offer discounts to the readers of Give Away Today.

I will post the photographer from each state separately. In some instances, the photographer will allow you to transfer the package to someone else if you win. So, for example, if you live in California and your sister lives in Idaho, you can enter to win California’s package (for yourself) and also enter yourself to win Idaho’s package (which you can give to your sister if you win). And your sister can do the same for you. Also, even if you live within a few hours of the photographer, wouldn’t it be worth it to drive a couple of hours to receive a free photography session? Yeah, I think it’d be worth it. Good luck!

Please follow the instructions for each photographer below to enter to win the photography package from your state (and, as explained above, the packages are transferable so you can enter to win more than one state's package and if you win, give it to someone you know from that state or travel to that state to have your pictures taken)