Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Today we are Giving Away... (PRIZES CLAIMED)

One Free Semester of Online Classes to Three Lucky Winners for You or a Loved one (Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, etc) from Computer School for Seniors

I remember attending my high school computer class in 1994. One day my teacher introduced us to this new feature on the computer called the World Wide Web. Very confusing for me. And then email? What do you mean you can send someone who lives anywhere in the world a message and they will get it immediately? And it flies through space? And nobody sees it? Hey teach, you been smokin’ something? I’m sure this was how people reacted when they first heard the concept of the garage. What do you mean you drive your car INTO the house? That makes absolutely no sense at all.

The thing is, most everything is foreign until someone teaches or shows you how to use it. And some of the seniors in our lives did not have the opportunity to learn how to use the computer in a classroom setting. Computer School for Seniors give them that opportunity. Here’s some more information about Computer School for Seniors:

Computer Savvy Seniors can be found at It is the sister blog to Computer School for Seniors. Computer Savvy Seniors has Photo Tips Mondays, Tuesdays Treasures (real computer work created by real time Senior Students), Aging in Place Wednesdays, Lifelong Learning Thursdays, Internet Magic Fridays, Saturdays with Dr. Roffman, and Inspirational Sundays.

Today Computer School for Seniors is giving away a free semester (six months of classes) to Computer School for Seniors which offers numerous computer lessons and tutorials geared specifically toward Boomers and Seniors. They offer over 100 Lesson Plans plus so much more. The online courses are taken from home. This would make the PERFECT Mothers Day Gift for a senior in your life. That could be you, your mom, or your Grandma. Or, if you’d rather, you could give it to your husband, your dad, or your Grandpa. You gotta know at least one senior who would appreciate learning more about how to use the computer. Just promise me that you’ll encourage them to visit Give Away Today each day once they become computer savvy. :)

You can enter to win a semester of classes from Computer Savvy Seniors up to FOUR times today.

For one entry, leave your first and last name in a comment.
Example: Jane Doe

For a second entry visit Computer School for Seniors. Scroll down to where it says “Tour our Internet Campus”. Then return to Give Away Today and in a NEW comment tell us your first and last name and which of the departments you think looks like the most fun.
Example: Jane Doe: Photo Restoration

For a third entry, in a NEW comment tell us your first and last name and the first name of some seniors in your life who you feel could use a free semester at Computer School for Seniors.
Example: Jane Doe: Jay, Marge, Atheen, Jim, Coke

For a fourth entry, tell us your first and last name and a senior who has made a big difference in your life.
Example: Jane Doe: My grandma Doris and grandpa Dick. One of my greatest memories is going to their house with my entire extended family dinner when I was child. The house always smelled so delightful and our entire family would gather around the kitchen table to eat, talk, and enjoy one another's company. The other day I drove past my grandparent's house and it is for sale-my grandparents passed away a few years ago. I got out of my car to read one of the flyers and realized that their entire house was only 969 square feet! It never seemed that small considering how many people would gather. I loved that so many happy memories were made in such a tiny space.

The winner of the semester of computer classes from Computer Savvy Seniors will be announced tomorrow, May 7th. Please visit us then to see if you are our winner, find out our finalists for the Mother’s Day “Mom” Contest, and to discover our new giveaway for the day. Thanks!